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Baby N: Lewisham Birth Centre Waterbirth with Second Baby

I wanted to email to let you know that our little girl arrived a day after our due date (on Christmas Eve!!) totally of her own accord with no interventions. Not only were we so happy that we trusted ourselves and followed our instincts after weighing up all the pros and cons but we were both so thankful for attending your session as it really did work towards us getting the birth we both wanted. In fact, after over two years of suffering quite a bit of trauma following our son J's birth, our experience this time has felt totally healing and completely unforgettable (but for all the right reasons!).

Thanks to your course my husband was able to stay focused and calm and followed much of your advice about talking with midwives and sustaining a calm environment for me. I used the breathing throughout my labour and miraculously ended up with a water birth (the dream!) with only a small amount of gas and air. Worlds apart from our first experience! Following our gut on turning down the early induction paid off and I was able to have N at the Birth Centre without any complications, with the show completely run by midwives, without a doctor in sight (and despite all the anxiety surrounding her size she weighed a pretty normal 3.8 KG, almost a whole kilo lighter than J!!) !

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to thank you (especially for your follow up support) and to let you know how your help impacted on our experience. The course (coupled with my pregnancy yoga and the Freya app in birth - totally would recommend this tool to other couples) helped change our mindsets and allowed us to believe that this birth could be different to the last.

I even have a few photos that I will now forever treasure and be able to look back on fondly (rather than trying to forget the whole experience)! In your session I recall writing that one of my aims/wants was to be able to hold the baby (as this hadn’t been possible with J) and I felt so elated to not only hold N straight after birth but to catch her in the water and hold her in my arms. Ecstatic doesn’t ever cover it.

We would whole heartedly recommend your course to other prospective parents and wish you all the best in the future.


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