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Baby Malin: Induction Birth for Third Baby

I’m 42, I have 2 kids aged 5 and 7 and I’ve just given birth to Malin. In between my youngest daughter and Malin I developed Antiphospholipid Syndrome, a blood clotting disorder, and took blood thinning medication throughout my pregnancy. That plus my age made me a high risk case and I was advised to be induced a week early. By the time I'd done the course with Maryam i was feeling totally different about giving birth. I’d been dreading it and worrying a lot. Hypnobirthing helped me turn that around and go into it with a more positive frame of mind.

I went in on the morning of 29th May and they inserted the pessary strip about 11.30am. I listened to my KGH MP3s to relax me and get me into a positive mindset. They monitored the baby for an hour or so and then advised me to walk around. Almost immediately I felt some effect - my buttock was cramping and I couldn’t walk! Soon after I felt mild contractions which intensified over the next few hours. I used my up breathing techniques to work through the contractions and breathe in time with them.

The consultant came around 6pm and monitored the surges and the baby. She said I was almost having too many and wanted to slow the labour down / wait until the next day so I could sleep and the start the labour up again. I really didn’t want that to happen because I just felt I could handle it even though it was very intense and if they slowed down the labour I worried it would head in a direction I didn’t want it to. The breathing techniques were helping me keep positive and focussed. Each contraction I viewed as one closer to having my baby.

I said this to the midwife and my partner and they clearly thought I could do it and carry on. In fact I visited the toilet and when I came out the midwife asked me if I wanted to push. I had that classic reaction so I’ve read, which is I didn’t want to but knew I could. The midwife hurried me into a wheelchair (by this time the contractions were very strong and I did want to push) and down to the labour ward. By the time we got there I knew he was coming quickly. I focused on my breathing as much as I could and then I needed to push. I laid on my side and had my leg up and pushed his head out and after another few pushes he was out and yelling! Wow what amazing relief! I was so happy to meet him and hold him. The placenta followed easily. I had 2 little tears (much smaller than with my previous 2 babies) and these were sewn up. I felt (and still feel) that it was a positive labour.

I was induced and the labour was intense. Without the techniques I’d learned in Hypnobirthing with Maryam I’m not sure how I would have coped. In the end I managed it with no drugs and felt in control of the situation a lot of the time. The birth was a good one and I have absolutely no regrets. Partly down to Maryam and her help. Thank you! Alex & Baljit

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