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Baby Azryah - Lockdown Caesarean First Birth

We just wanted to drop you a quick line to summarise our experience of using Hypnobirthing techniques during the birth process.

We ended up having a planned c-section at 39 weeks due to some complications and my age (just turned 40!). I had been listening to the meditations regularly in preparation for a birth centre labour but following the decision to have the C-section, I increased reading positive birth stories by women who had c-sections and found a meditation script for c-sections.

In the last week or so prior to the operation I had episodes of Braxton Hicks and contractions and the meditations and breathing techniques helped to calm me down and manage the pain, often ending with me falling asleep before they subsided! Andy played the Hypnobirthing music that you introduced us to during the c-section from the anaesthetic stage and throughout. He also read the meditations to me which really helped to focus my mind away from what was happening beyond the blue curtain; without it, the whole process could have been overwhelming.

Our baby girl Azryah was born healthy and happy and we're enjoying parenthood.We found your Calm Birth Club Hypnobirthing course invaluable in empowering us both in preparation for birth and beyond (I've been using the breathing techniques to deal with breastfeeding pain) and have been recommending Hypnobirthing to everyone that we know that is expecting or considering having a baby. Adwoa & Andy

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