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Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course which prepares parents with an in-depth understanding of how the birthing body works, both physically and emotionally. Hypnobirthing teaches women to trust their body and their baby to achieve a calm and confident birth, through relaxation and mindfulness. It is a toolkit that parents can draw upon, whatever path their pregnancy may take. Hypnobirthing gives both parents confidence and helps them connect with their baby.


Hypnobirthing isn’t stage hypnosis. No one will make you eat a raw onion or cluck like a chicken in front of an audience. Hypnobirthing is a set of techniques that help you stay calm,  give you confidence and have control over your own birthing experience. There’s no chanting, no incense sticks and no gongs but there will be lots of practical and science-based techniques.


"Hypnobirthing gave me the courage to trust my instincts. You really made me feel confident to trust my own intuition. It was invaluable." 



What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing…


For mother?

Hypnobirthing provides mothers with methods for having a calm and joyful birth. It trains mothers to work with their bodies in the way they have evolved to. Hypnobirthing uses methods such as hypnotherapy to counteract the years of negativity most of us have experienced about birth. It reprogrammes the mind to accept that being calm and relaxed in labour is not only achievable but essential, for both the well being of mother and baby.


For birth partners?

If you want to learn the power of Hypnobirthing, talk to the birth partner of a Hypnobirthing mother. They have seen how amazing and transformational the process can be. They have felt connected to the process in a much deeper way than they ever expected. They feel empowered by their supporting role in what is an amazing event.  They feel confident and informed because they understand why Hypnobirthing makes sense from both a physical and emotional point of view. Birth partners play an important role in a calm birth. The birth partner’s support creates the environment for a calm birth. They take responsibility for being the
go-between for the mother and their caregivers and often keep the whole process on-track and calm.


For Baby?

A happy mother and birth partner equates to a happy baby. When parents use Hypnobirthing, they will remain calm and confident with every step of their pregnancy, labour and birth. In return, the baby will do what it knows best and be born the best way possible for both baby and mother. Often, Hypnobirthing babies are calm at birth and thereafter. Hypnobirthing changes and empowers parents in a way that will have a profound effect on baby, and which will likely last a lifetime.

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